Friend of Everest: Leonard Gardner, CEO at Foster Construction Ltd

Human Resources

We understand to maximise your business outcomes, we need to start with your people and culture.

Our team of qualified and experienced People & Culture Specialists are ready to support your business creating a culture of success.

From the day a new employee joins your business to their last-day morning tea, we are your on-call team of human resource specialists, providing ready access to practical advice and realistic best practice tools, whenever and wherever you need it.

Friend of Everest: Leonard Gardner, CEO at Foster Construction Ltd

We can support your business with:

  • Employment documentation - templates, agreements, policies

  • Employment relations advice & support

  • Organisation restructures & reviews

  • Performance management, termination & redundancies

  • Disciplinary & poor performance

  • Workforce succession & retention planning

  • Culture & engagement

  • People strategy

  • Reward, renumeration, incentives

  • Psychometric testing & assessments

  • Staff surveys

  • Outplacement programmes

  • Independent investigations

  • In-house support, project specific or workload assistance

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Friend of Everest: Desley Clarke, HR Manager at Life Unlimited

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